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Last night i thought i'd make some pancakes for breakfast as i hadn't had them in a while but I woke up and decided to make these muffins instead. When the batter was mix, i wondered why i couldn't make pancakes from it and i couldn't think why not so after i filled up the muffin cases, i fried the leftover batter and got both. Topped with butter and maple syrup, it was amazing.

52.banana and cinnamon muffins
A few bowls set out with ingredients ready to be mixed. This recipe was very similar to the last one except mashed bananas were stirred in last after the melted butter.

Nuts weren't listed as an ingredient but were suggested for variety and i thought it would do a lot for these muffins which they did. I went for chopped walnuts.

For the final touch before baking, i sprinkled some sugar and cinnamon over the top of each muffin. It created a beautiful golden brown glaze that cracked as it rose.

It was moist, sweet and the nuts were a good crunchy addition to the mix.

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