melting moments

melting moments

Tuesday 6 November 2012 • No comments

I've been trying to  figure out the difference between cakes, brownies and muffins and this chocolate muffin got me thinking even more. I know at this point that brownies have no rising agents so they are very dense. I also know that this muffin is just as chocolatey as the brownies but very light.The ingredients didn't vary much but the quantities and methods did and thats what makes the difference. Oh how i love the science of baking.

50.chocolate muffins
The eggs and sugar were beaten till pale and then the dry ingredients were added. Melted butter was added last and i think this made the batter smoother and silky.

Roughly chopped dark chocolate was stirred in before the rich batter was spooned into the muffin cases.

I don't know what is better that eating something fresh out of the oven. These muffins were unbelievably fluffy and melted in my mouth. It didn't stop there. The roughly chopped dark chocolate was rough no more and made this melt-in-the-mouth experience even better.

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