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51.blueberry muffins
I'm getting quite used to and enjoying being organised while baking. I have all my different bowl sizes with all my ingredients arranged in order like i'm on a cooking show. A couple of recipes like this one says to mix dry ingredients together in one bowl and liquids in another before putting it all together. So in one bowl there's buttermilk, vanilla extract and eggs, in the next there's flour and sugar(which sparkled in the flour) and in the last, butter ready to be melted.

The blueberries were folded in gently last.

In the picture in the book and in all the blueberry muffins i've seen, the blueberries are scattered all over the muffin but in this one, they all sank to the bottom. I think the batter should have been thicker to give the blueberries a harder time getting to the bottom before it baked. Well, it still tasted nice.

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