our stars

our stars

Wednesday 28 November 2012 • No comments

I lost my grandmother earlier this year and every so often i find myself thinking about her, fighting back tears. I very quickly see her smiling face asking why I'm crying like I'm being silly for doing so and assuring me she is fine, so i smile. I miss her a lot and find it hard to believe i won't ever see her again. Lost loved ones are gone physically but are with us always in the happy memories they left behind and that's why i always share a smile with my grandmother at random times of the day. Everyday is a struggle to be a better person and make her proud of me. I believe she and all our loved ones who are no longer here are smiling and watching over us like stars in the sky. I pray for peace and strength for all the people who have ever lost someone. Smile.

59.sugar cookies
These are basic cookies. Butter, sugar, flour, egg. An unusual ingredient was cream of tartar. It is a by-product of wine production. It is not a leavener but when combined with baking soda it is. I found that cream of tartar helps to stabilize beaten egg whites and is also added to sugar syrups to prevent crystallization. Quite a useful discovery. My guess is its purpose in this recipe was to stabilize the egg so the cookies keep their shape when baking.

I had fun rolling out the dough and cutting out the shapes like play dough. 

I made royal icing for the first time and it flopped. Small mistake, too much icing sugar. It didn't taste bad but turned out too stiff making it hard to spread on the cookies thus the rough job. Still tasted good.

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