baby or young

baby or young

Monday 5 November 2012 • 2 comments

So this recipe sent me on a tedious errand to find baby spinach.This is something i thought would be easy till the search began. Since the end of my day is the only time i have to go to the supermarket, there is either no baby spinach left or they don't offer it at all. After days of not finding it, i came across young spinach which i figured must be the same as baby spinach. I made the decision to end my search right there. I mean its probably just a tomAto-tomAHto case.

49.spinach and cheese muffins
This is completely a savoury muffin. No sugar or salt. It has fried onions, cayenne pepper and leaves. I couldn't believe i was baking. I fried some red onions in butter for a short while and then stirred it into the flour, cheese and cayenne pepper batter along with the young spinach.

As i mixed in the spinach, i kept thinking that it was quite a lot and wasn't sure about how it would turn out. I guess spinach is in the name so it had to make its presence known.


  1. I may have missed this but happy one year anniversary!

    1. Thank you so much and thank you for still checking out the blog after a year. I'm surprised anyone noticed my blogs anniversary! Sorry this is coming so late, had so technical problems.