February 2013

the twenty four hour process

Wednesday 27 February 2013 • 2 comments

It literally took me twenty four hours to make these croissants. I started at about 1pm yesterday and ate them today at 12:30pm for brunch. The dough is rather basic but the technique makes the difference. Butter played a major role in making them light and flaky. I rolled out the dough, rolled out the butter into a rectangle, folded it in the dough and chilled for an hour.


I brought it out of the fridge, rolled and folded again then returned it to the fridge for another hour. After doing this two more times, the butter was evenly distributed neatly as thin layers of butter and dough.

After leaving it to rest overnight, i baked it for just ten minutes. I think i can do with a bit less butter next time but overall it was worth the wait, i had a lovely meal.

baby omisore

Sunday 24 February 2013 • 2 comments

My beautiful friend Rachael is having a baby soon and i'm super excited! Not just because i love babies(a lot) but she is an amazing person and i'm excited to see the amazing mother she would be. There is nothing more precious than the relationship between a mother and her baby. She's one of the first friends i made in my life and it's strange when your childhood friend is having a baby. You're suddenly made aware of how old you are. It was my pleasure to help organize her baby shower and for the past month I've had the best time looking at decorations, tableware and all things baby. Myself and the three other amazing girls i organized with chose a theme called 'baa baby shower' which had a cute little sleeping lamb. We got cups, plates, napkins, a banner and much more in this theme. I made cupcakes to go with the theme. 


I also made star cookies to give the guests along with the mini favour bags we gave out.


I'm so glad that the baby shower was a great success. Rachael had fun and so did everyone who was there. I can't wait to meet the baby!


Tuesday 19 February 2013 • 1 comment

The best cinnamon rolls i've ever tasted are Cinnabons and nothing has come close since. The satisfaction i got from eating those Cinnabons is etched in my mind and i felt that soft, chewy, gooey, warm, yumminess today when i brought mine out of the oven. They were amazing and everything i thought they would be. Butter really is the heart of baking. It is what made these cinnamon rolls melt in the mouth. I generally like to make things as healthy as possible but it would be impossible to make these cinnamon rolls as good as they were without all that butter. The dough was left to rise twice. It was rolled out(was like rolling clouds) and sprinkled with brown sugar and cinnamon after the first rise then rolled up, cut into slices and left to rise for the second time, brushed with butter every step of the way. This is that annoying part of the cooking show where the person tries to explain to you how amazing the food tastes, smells and feels but can't do it justice, I'm sorry all i can do it pictures. When the rolls rose the second time, they all fit so snug in the baking tin.


valentine at CSM and beyond

Thursday 14 February 2013 • No comments

Happy valentine's day! I was at school today but luckily my school is an art school so there is always something quirky and artistic going on.

I went home early and made a lovely dinner for two and a swiss roll. It wasn't exactly roll up tightly like you know swiss rolls to be and i think that's because i modified the recipe a bit. Instead of whipping the cream alone i put in a few raspberries and that added to the volume. I shouldn't have(or i should have but not put as much in the roll) It tasted great though. Raspberries are quite grainy and my lover didn't like that very much but i did! With a sponge base, raspberry jam and whipped cream, i'll be making this again.


nothing wrong with a little something sweet

Saturday 9 February 2013 • No comments

After dinner today, i felt the need to eat something sweet. Like the meal wasn't over till i got something sweet. I've been feeling like this a lot lately and i've been feeling guilty about it. Growing up, dessert wasn't a normal part of a meal so i guess thats why i feel like its an unnecessary extra but on further thought, in other parts of the world dessert is a normal part of a meal. So i wonder; are these desires for something sweet after a meal natural? I mean i've been baking so much and have probably gotten used to having a pie or cake in my fridge at all times but is that why or is it simply a natural urge i just realised. According to wikipedia, 'Desserts were first made using natural ingredients that were locally available. In ancient civilizations people enjoyed dried fruits, honeycomb, or nuts. These were considered the first candies. When sugar began to be manufactured in the Middle Ages more sweet desserts became available. Even then sugar was so expensive usually only the wealthy could indulge on special occasions.' After reading that it remembered that once in a while we did have fruits after our food. It must be natural. 
I decided to make a chocolate cake. I gathered all the ingredients i had in my reach and made an experimental session of it. With the absence of milk, i used water for the batter and was not able to make buttercream. I whipped up the little double cream i had left with a pinch of sugar and topped with dark chocolate shavings. I also put some of these chocolate shavings in the batter to make it richer.