wake up!

wake up!

Wednesday 8 February 2012 • 5 comments

Its been almost two weeks since my last post and i feel terrible. I was out of town for a little while and as much fun as it was, i really missed baking. So i'm back and ready to make up for it. Probably a good idea to start with some coffee! The minute i found out that the quantities in this recipe were even more than the last, i made up my mind to cut them all by half. 

coffee cake

I had to make a coffee essence first by bringing instant coffee granules and water to a boil till reduced by half. When it cooled i added it to the butter and sugar.

Reducing the batter was definitely a good idea. Like the last time, i used a 24cm ring mould instead of a 25cm ring mould, i made half of what i was meant to make and it was perfect for this mould. Are they saying double of this batter would have fit in a mould a cm bigger? I might just buy it to compare but i don't believe it. This mix also had a tiny bit of cocoa powder in it.

It came out of the oven nice and full with a crunchy top. I turned it out of the pan and it came out clean! I made sure i put enough butter and flour in the mould this time. 

Vanilla frosting with a bit of coffee essence mixed in, finished off with dark chocolate shavings. The crunchy top which was turned over made a lovely crunchy base. Yum!


  1. Looks absolutely YUMMY o!!

  2. I've got feedback :D

    Mine:I like the texture a lot. Even though it's about 3 days old not too too dry. I'd prefer a bit more of the coffee flavour in the actual cake though. The frosting was PERFECT- not too sweet, not too much, lovely coffee and chocolate taste. I guess that's what made the frosting and the cake together so good..flavours and texture went really well. Perfect as a tea cake!

    Priyanka: NICE! Found it a bit dry but that could be because it was a few days old. She loved the frosting with the cake. She liked the consistency of the cake and likened it to hummingbird even before i told her you were using the cookbook! She mentioned that you should feel free to make many more cakes and send them our way.

    Peter: Very nice! Found it a little bit dry but otherwise good flavours (what can i say..he's a guy, they don't bother much with words)

    Ema: Really good. Thinks the frosting is perfect too! She liked that the coffee flavour wasn't too strong as she's not a big coffee fan. Liked the melt in your mouth texture of the cake. Really wanted a cup of tea after eating it.

    Amy: Really good cake!

  3. And by the way Priyanka said using espresso granules might make the coffee flavour stronger.



  4. Liked how the coffee flavor wasn't overpowering. This is the way i would always like my coffee cake!

  5. I really miss being able to taste all these yummy looking cakes so I've decided to content myself with eating with my eyes...the photographs are very good Temi!
    Uncle Robert took the rest of the cake you baked for aunty Oyinda to the office and it received rave reviews but the kids had a fit when they found the cake was all gone!!!