banana love

Tuesday, 14 February 2012 • 3 comments

Yesterday, i decided to make this banana loaf in advance for my valentine's day. It has no chocolate or strawberries or red and white frosting, but it was the next recipe so that was that. Really wasn't a bad substitute. Happy valentine's day everyone!

banana loaf
Started by mixing soft light brown sugar and eggs then mashed the bananas and they went in next.

After all the dry ingredients were mixed in i added the butter last, melted. 

It baked for about an hour and it smelt lovely. It was a bit drier than i had expected but tasted a lot like the hummingbird cake which i liked.


  1. Loved how the bananas were perfect, not too much not too less. :)

  2. oh and obviously, thank you for my big share!! ;)

  3. Well u certainly have been playing catch up with the baking!! you make it all look so easy I may just start baking myself:)


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