zesty brick

zesty brick

Tuesday 21 February 2012 • 1 comment

lemon loaf
This and the banana loaf are the two that were made with melted butter. What i noticed is that they come out well packed and don't crumble as easily as other cakes do. Once its been in the fridge for a while it gets really hard but don't be fooled, it melts in the mouth straight away. 

I made some lemon syrup while it baked and immediately it came out i poured it on. 

1 comment

  1. So I had the wonderful privilege of having a whole loaf of this cake from Temi so I took it into work to share with my colleagues, I am pretty sure I will have a much better appraisal as a reult of this, lol. It was loved!

    Fisayo (me) - I do not like lemon flavoured anything, never have. But I absolutely loved this! Everything is just different when baked by Temi. The texture, taste, smell- it was all just perfect, cannot fault this cake!

    Pam- Very creamy actually. It is like a lemon infused Madeira cake, very nice!
    Carly- Very nice but not very lemony- the lemon is tasted in patches which however makes it quite nice, very moist, great texture.

    Maria- No Carly! It is lemony, very nice and light. Would have been better with a little bit of lemony icing on top.

    James- Tasted very nice! (He is a man, obviously not one of many words)