its a jungle in and out

its a jungle in and out

Monday 20 February 2012 • 2 comments

No matter how busy i get, i always find time to bake. Its a way to release my stress. This week has been quiet busy but i decided that this sunday i'll bake so after church i made this very interesting loaf.

nutty apple loaf
Before i even started i knew i'd love this one. It was packed with fruit, nuts and chocolate. Soft light brown sugar, butter and a tablespoon of strawberry jam were all mixed up first, then of course all the other ingredients.

I chopped all the dark chocolate, mixed nuts and apples and mixed them in by hand then covered it with cling film and put it in the fridge at 13:20. Was strange not to put something in the oven after mixing. So to make myself feel better, i made another loaf while i waited.

When it was out at 22:00, i must say it was pretty cool. Looked, felt and even tasted like really lovely ice cream. I had to scoop it out and into the prepared loaf tin and press it down.

The apples, dark chocolate and variety of nuts went so well together. I wish i didn't divide this mix into two because it tasted so good. I guess i shouldn't be eating so much so its a good thing i did.



  1. Put this one on the must bake for mama list

  2. This was really good. Especially loved the surprise chocolate bits that kept coming!