Saturday 31 December 2011 • No comments

pumpkin cupcakes

My family is staying with me for the holiday and i'm so happy to have them. They had been looking forward to tasting my cupcakes for so long and they weren't exactly excited about pumpkin cupcakes but it was the next thing in the book and i had no choice. I used two eggs for this recipe like i did for the banana and chocolate cupcakes. I've figured out that when there's a puree in the batter two eggs are used instead of one.

I've actually never tasted pumpkin before. I used a puree and i didn't really like the smell so i couldn't bring myself to taste it till it was cooked. The puree was smooth and it mixed in nicely.

Surprisingly they turned out nice. Used a cream cheese frosting and of course its the best so it just made it even better. It had a softer and moister texture than other cupcakes i've made. Final touch, cinnamon sprinkled on top.

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