chocolate goes bananas

chocolate goes bananas

Saturday 17 December 2011 • No comments

There are quite a number of chocolate recipes in this book. I'm not crazy about bananas and wasn't sure how well it would go with the chocolate. I went to the supermarket this morning to get what i needed and on my way back home the bag dropped and all the spice bottles broke. I don't understand how it happened but luckily someone was nice enough to help me. Since all i needed was a teaspoon each of ground cinnamon and ground ginger, i tied them up in separate bags, went home and poured them out till i got to the bottom to avoid getting glass in. What a waste. At least it was useful for the one thing i bought it for.

banana and chocolate cupcakes

The spices gave the batter a nice brownish colour and tasted so nice and rich. I've never liked ginger(i actually don't remember why) but this has made me consider cooking with it. Unlike the other recipes, this one needed two eggs. I wonder why.

One and a half mashed bananas. I love cling film. It is useful in more ways than covering things and storage. I put the banana in the cling film and mashed it with my fist on the countertop then mixed it into the batter by hand.

The cake itself didn't have any chocolate in it so the frosting was the chocolate part of these cupcakes. My favourite part of this was the grated dark chocolate on top. It looked like pencil shavings and it was so beautiful. 

I loved the texture of the cake. The taste of the banana wasn't too overwhelming and it went well with the chocolate frosting.

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