time out

time out

Sunday 4 December 2011 • 3 comments

This is not from the hummingbird bakery cookbook but i really felt like sharing this so this is a quick break from the book. I had some pancakes a couple of weeks ago at a restaurant close to my house and I've been craving home-made pancakes ever since. They were really good but there's something better about cooking something you love in the comfort of your home and eating in your pyjamas.

fluffy american pancakes
I got the recipe from the BBC food website. Heres the link. 


the first one
the others always come out smoother and
evenly coloure

I still had the left over strawberries because I decided not to make another batch of strawberry cheesecake cupcakes(as there are so many recipes and it would have been a waste of time no matter how delicious they were) so even though the recipe didn't say so i chopped them and threw them into the batter after making three plain ones.

made seven

dusted some icing sugar over the stack

You have to try this! Great for a sunday breakfast or brunch. Topped with maple syrup, butter, and if you can get your hands on fruit like strawberries which i used or blueberries which are generally suggested, they make it just perfect. It was moist, light and fluffy. It wasn't too sweet and the fruit gave a good balance. 


  1. now these i really cant wait to try ....xmas breakfast pancakes yummy!!!

  2. oh my god! i can't believe i missed these! they look amazing! Maybe u can make them again after christmas! *wink wink*