piña colada

piña colada

Wednesday 14 December 2011 • 4 comments

It was my friends birthday today and she planned to have drinks with a few friends. I thought it was the perfect time to make the next recipe in the book, Coconut and pineapple cupcakes. Now i can't hear coconut and pineapple and not think of Malibu rum. That's one of my favourite drinks and i think it goes perfectly with pineapple so i thought 'why not make some Piña colada?'. I've never made it before so i went all out and did my research.

Did you know

  • Piña colada is spanish for strained pineapple: piña, pineapple + colada, strained.
  • The piña colada has been the official beverage of Puerto Rico since 1978.
After looking at several different recipes for this cocktail i finally formulated mine based on them and i was ready to try it. My friend is staying over so while we were getting ready to go out i made it.

Temi's Piña colada recipe
50ml(one part) malibu rum
50 ml(one part) coconut milk
150ml(three parts) pineapple juice
A few cubes of ice
Put the ice, malibu rum, coconut milk and pineapple juice in a blender and mix till well blended. Pour into two glasses and put a small piece of pineapple on the rims.

makes 2
It was fantastic and definitely made getting ready even more fun. Beautiful start to the night. I made two more rounds. The first piece of pineapple i put on the edge of the glass was too heavy so it fell into the glass but i left it there and i think i'm going to make it a part of the recipe because it was a nice way to end it. I'll be making this again very very soon.

coconut and pineapple cupcakes

Earlier today, before the Piña colada, i went out to get the special ingredients for this recipe, coconut milk, tinned pineapple rings and desiccated coconut. Making this was a lot like the strawberry cheesecake cupcakes but what i didn't expect was for it to be so good. It had pineapples at the bottom, cake batter over it, coconut frosting and the desiccated coconut on top which made it a bit crunchy like the crushed digestive. The coconut milk(which i've never used before) was thicker than regular milk and more like yogurt.

The frosting had to be beaten for 5-10 minutes till it was white and i must admit most times i don't beat frosting as long as it should be but this time i was really excited about the white frosting so i did. It was so worth it.

 I really wasn't sure about this one but i loved it.


  1. I won't lie to you, when i saw the title i was already like what? Pineappples in cupcakes? but it definitely looks delicious. Wish i was there to taste them. Can't wait to see you. Big ups!

  2. ok this looks really yummy wonder how well it teams up with the pina colada....mmmmm...

  3. these look really really good. wish i was there to taste them! can't wait to try the pina colada ;)

  4. had dis one!!..gta say it waz.....*still searching for words*...I want more!!!