Wednesday 21 December 2011 • 2 comments

green tea cupcakes
Here we go again, chocolate. Another weird one. Didn't think there will be chocolate in green tea cupcakes but there was. Don't know if it was because i didn't use the green tea the book suggested(Matcha) or i simple got it wrong but i really didn't like this one. From the moment it got out of the oven it reminded me of my failed red velvet, from the smell to the colour to the way it looked. I think its tricky combining cocoa powder with stuff. Here its the green tea and it didn't go well. Totally killed the awesomeness of chocolate. I looked all over, for days for the Match green tea the book suggested but i couldn't find it so i decided to use what i found- Clipper. As i did with the lavender i infused it in the milk.

The frosting was the only thing i liked(visually). I tore the tea bags and poured the actual tea leaves in the frosting.

I just did a little more research and i realized that i really should have waited till i found the Matcha green tea powder the book suggested. Its something entirely different. I'll try this again with the proper green tea but i'm not really in a hurry to do so.


  1. yeah you're right the frosting looks great. Better luck next time. :):)

  2. Enjoyed every bit of the cakes you baked except of course the green tea wc was bc cldnt find the japanese green tea specified my only complaint is that we ate cakes till fit to burst!!!!!!loved esp the carrot, hummingbird. chocolate banana, pumpkin, srawberry cheesecake yummmmmmy! Anyway I think the recipe for the coconut cake was referring to young fresh coconuts as the inside of those are quite soft and scoopable:). Do hope you had a happy birthday Rory