Friday 7 June 2019 • 2 comments

It's been a minute! To be completely honest, it's been a few years. It's really difficult to be consistent at blogging with 'life' happening. So much has happened and so much has changed. Finding yourself is a journey, a journey i'm still on and loving. Thank you for staying with me though my many phases.

Sweetartbytemi started in 2011 as a personal project. I was in a new place; studying Character Animation at the University of the Arts, London. Living in a big and busy city like London all on my own for the first time was thrilling. It was a great time to dive deep into my new exciting course and to find and fulfil other passions i had. I challenged myself to bake through an entire cookbook 'The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook' and blog about it. It was an amazing experience. I got to try sixty new recipes and discover ingredients i had never hear of or thought were even for cooking; I made lavender cupcakes y'all. I'm really proud of myself for going through the process of baking though an entire cookbook. I found out just how much I'm capable of and gained skills and knowledge that would stay with me forever.

Over ten years ago, my mum got me a really special gift. A book by the great Maya Angelou called 'Hallelujah! the welcome table'. I think this is a good time to tell you I'm not much of a reader. Every once in a while I'd pick up a book and really truly enjoy it to the very end but I'm not naturally inclined to reading. I really wish i belonged to that group of people who always has a book in their hand and reads three(or at least one) a month. 'Hallelujah! the welcome table' is not a difficult read at all. Its a charming book of short essays with recipes attached to each one. Such a unique piece. I've started this book once or twice before but never finish it for one reason or the other nor have i ever tried any of the recipes. It's full of all kinds of recipes, from savoury dishes to mouthwatering desserts. Time for another bake-through-a-cookbook challenge! There are lots of typically African-American recipes in here and that's no surprise knowing who the author is. I'm really looking forward to trying many of these dishes we've hear of repeatedly thanks to African-American cinema. 

Even though i enjoyed all the things i made after i baked through the first book, I've realised that i do much better with structure so it's time to get back to the original idea of this blog. 

This line describes so accurately, what's about to be a great time in my life. Thank you for being a part of it!

'A lifetime of Memories with Recipes'