gift it!

gift it!

Monday 30 March 2015 • 1 comment

We've all got old shopping bags piled up somewhere in our houses...no? well i do. i don't know about you but i find it hard to throw them away because i may use them someday which i never do. So instead of keeping them only to throw them all away one day how about you gift it!

You'll need

a shopping bag
a pair of scissors
a glue stick
all purpose adhesive

Take the shopping bag apart carefully and lay it out flat over your fabric then cut the fabric around the bag. Make sure you leave enough room around the bag to work with.

Run the glue stick all over the back of the bag and lay it on the fabric. Make sure the fabric is flat and has no folds anywhere then press the bag down all around. Apply some all purpose adhesive along one edge of the bag, turn the fabric onto the glue and trim off any extra neatly. Repeat for the remaining three edges. 

Fold it back up and glue it closed. Its important to study the bag when you're taking it apart so you know exactly how to put it back together.

Poke holes in the fabric where the old holes were, pass the handles through and tie them.

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