peppers + meatballs

peppers + meatballs

Wednesday 18 March 2015 • No comments

A couple of weeks ago i caught an italian cooking show on bbd food which is one of my favourite channels. I really can't remember what the show was called but on the day i caught it, the host was making a roasted pepper sauce to go with meatball and polenta. Apparently italians traditionally eat meatballs with polenta and not spaghetti. I'm not sure how true that is but thats what she said. Now i didn't write down her recipe but i got the general idea and decided to do it my way.

I won't call this a recipe but rather a list of the ingredients i used. Unlike baking, cooking is not necessarily an exact science and things can be added or removed based on personal taste without affecting the end result too much. So feel free to add more garlic, less...some ginger if you decide to try this out.

one green pepper
three red peppers
half an onion
six or seven cloves of garlic
one chilli pepper
sea salt
olive oil

I LOVE pepper so a whole one may be too much for some people in which case you can use half or remove the seeds of the chilli to reduce the intensity of the heat.
All the ingredients were cut, put in a baking tray and sprinkled with some sea salt(regular salt will do) and drizzled with olive oil.

 I put it under the grill for about forty minutes(or till the peppers were slightly charred) then blended it. 

It was a little too thick for me so i added some tomatoes which made a difference. I've made this a few more time and i added a few tomatoes to the roast. I also remove the stems of the peppers now which i didn't do the first time.

For the first time ever, i tried polenta. Its really easy to make. Polenta is a cornmeal and is very similar to garri(a cassava meal popular in West Africa) in texture and preparation method but with a much milder taste. The polenta was stirred into boiling water(with a pinch of salt). 

The final touch to this dish is meatballs.

minced beef
green pepper
red peppers
chilli pepper
italian seasoning mix(thyme, oregano, sage, basil, marjoram, rosemary, savory)
ground ginger
olive oil to fry

The charring of the peppers gave this sauce a very unique taste which i really liked and also the texture and consistency make it great to put in a jar and stick in a fridge to use whenever. My husband wasn't fond of the polenta so i made him some pasta to go with it.

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