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When i started this blog in 2011, it was meant to be a way of documenting a project i had. I baked through the entire hummingbird cookbook and wrote about each recipe. I really enjoyed the challenge and commitment to finishing something i had started. I didn't hurt my palate either. I got to try so many things i hadn't tried before, and do things i had done before but in different ways. I learnt a whole lot and its a journey i'm glad i took. When i completed the cookbook, i didn't really have anything in particular to blog about. I love to bake of course, and so i continued to blog about that but i was doing random recipes i came across and lacked focus which i felt like i needed. I enjoyed the structure i had when i was following a cookbook and had a goal. I began to realise that i felt like blogging about other things in my life. It started out as a blog strictly for baking and confections but now i'd like to share a lot more.

Baking started out as a hobby that grew into a big part of my life however i have professional training in graphic design and character animation. So I'm basically two people in one. I also love to cook so expect some of that too.
I mentioned earlier that i missed the structure i had when i was following a book and contrary to that I'm about to start a this-and-that kind of blogging journey(please just go with it and stay with me). It feels right and oddly structured, i think its because I'm finally taking down the walls and showing all sides of me.

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