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I went to a friends housewarming party on saturday and of course i take any chance i get to bake so i made this. I had to make it the night before because cheesecake has to left in the fridge overnight before serving. The party was fun. Cosy home, nice company and fantastic food. I'm sorry but i'm in love with food and if that is done right, nothing can be wrong. The host is opening a kitchen in london that delivers homemade nigerian dishes to your door so its no surprise it was so great. If you're in London it would be a bad idea to not click here Mortar and Pestle, London

chocolate cheesecake
For the base of this cake i had to use a food processor which i don't have so it was between my clean hands, a spoon and a sieve to get the digestive biscuits finely ground. Wasn't as easy as i thought it would be but i got there. After that, i added melted butter and pressed it down to the bottom of the tin then went on to make the rest of the cake.

I discovered a way to melt chocolate over boiling water without the bottom of the bowl touching the water. I put it in a sieve and it worked perfectly. Roughly broken up, i put the dark chocolate in a bowl and over a pot of boiling water for about ten or fifteen minutes. It was really cool watching the melting chocolate drown pieces of chocolate. 

I then had to mix this warm melted dark chocolate with the cold cheese mixture. I couldn't just pour it in though, had to mix in a little bit of the cheese mixture first to even out the temperatures of the two mixes then i eventually mixed it all together. 

Onto the base and into the oven.

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