Monday 26 March 2012 • 2 comments

Baking has been quite slow lately, i've either been busy working or trying to rest after working. I made this a couple of days ago and it was odd to read this recipe and discover that i didn't need an oven. As interesting as it was to make, i didn't like how it tasted very much. Of the sixty recipes in this cookbook, i'm on the thirtieth! Can't believe i've come this far, its been so much fun. Another cheesecake with bananas, orange juice, gelatin leaves but not baked. I was really curious about how they would all be put together and not be baked. 

fridgeset banana cheesecake
I've never used or heard of gelatin leaves before so when i got them it was very exciting to use. They looked like plastic laminate sheets, not much like something you cook with. I put them in tepid water for a few minutes and they changed completely, it was rubbery and sticky. 

Next, i put the mashed bananas and orange juice in a sauce pan and cooked it, weird combination. It was like cooking baby food and didn't taste good as you would imagine. After that cooked i put in the gelatin leaves and mixed till it dissolved. 

On to the cheese part of this cheesecake. This time it wasn't just cheese, i also added thickened double cream. After mixing it all together, i put it in the fridge overnight.

A couple of slices of banana to garnish it and then i tasted it. Looked nice but definitely not my favorite.


  1. Girl You cant just say you didnt like the cake!!!! Not encouraging for those who may want to try it just ask anyone who may try any recepipe to let you know how much they liked the cake:)

  2. On a more constructive note perhaps may have been tastier with caramelised fruit as garnish/topping