Thankful II

Thankful II

Thursday 24 November 2011 • 3 comments

You can never say thank you enough. I wasn't expecting to celebrate thanksgiving this year because i never have but i was invited to a thanksgiving dinner by a friend from school and it was assumed that I'd be bringing dessert. It was my pleasure plus i was eager to make something that would turn out right after the red velvet disaster on sunday. After turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, garlic bread, salad and lovely sangria, it was time for dessert and I'm happy to report that it went very well, everyone liked it. So full right now, sitting at home with a cup of tea and a cupcake i grabbed on my way out. Perfect end to a great day. Thanks everyone.

lemon cupcakes

Haven't made lemon cupcakes before but looking at the recipe, its wasn't very different from vanilla cupcakes so i was quite relieved. Lemon zest was the guest star in my kitchen today. It didn't look like it did in the book when i used the grater i had so i used that one to make the cakes and grated some more specially to decorate. They had to be in long strips and it just made me think of the way orange sellers peel them with a knife in Lagos. I have to say, those people have mad skills and they are fast too. It was very funny trying to do it and I'm glad no one was there to laugh at me. I managed to get a few decent strips to decorate with but that lemon suffered. I should be saying I'll get the utensil made just for this task (zester) but i want to try this again. I must get it right!(no i don't plan to sell oranges on the side of the road).

into the cake mix

the zest on top


  1. They were so amazing! Thank you for the wonderful dessert, Temi! It was a great end to a great dinner.

  2. Your pictures are certainly very good so if we have to take priyasha's word for it that they tasted amazing :) I can at least say they look very yummy!

  3. I loved these! Definitely your best yet! I think they had a really good mix between sweet and tart.... if you could just make these forever, I'd appreciate it