everything's bigger in america

everything's bigger in america

Sunday 6 November 2011 • 8 comments

I just moved into a new place a couple of weeks ago so before I actually started baking there were a few things I needed to get. Scale, measuring cups, cupcake tray, cases,... and of course all the ingredients.

'The cupcakes were baked in American-style cupcake cases, which are larger than standard UK cases. For these recipes, please use muffin cases.' from notes in the cookbook.

It was not easy understanding the difference between all the sizes(not just of the cases but of the trays too). At the store there were muffin trays and bun trays(which were way too shallow) but no cupcake trays. Which is American-style? Which is standard UK? Which paper cases fits in what tray? I wasn't sure which one to get. I ended up getting a Non-stick 12 hole muffin tray and cupcake cases that didn't fix in the tray perfectly, but they were the best I could find. Do I have an American-style muffin tray or a UK muffin tray in my kitchen right now? No idea, but I think its the UK muffin tray so that should make good American-style cupcake sizes. All so confusing. Does anyone know anything about all this?

Bigger when it comes to movies(hollywood), food(massive portions), clothes and more variety when it comes to sweet treats like these. Everything is bigger in America, but the prices! The Pound isn't as friendly.

vanilla cupcakes

Today I made the very first set of cupcakes from the book.

from start...

I've made vanilla cupcakes so many times before but quantities in this recipe were different and the way they were made was much easier and quicker than I'd been doing it, and they came out just right. Preparation took roughly 20 minutes and it baked for 20mins in an oven preheated to 170 degrees. I made pink and green vanilla frosting while they baked. Brought them out and when they were cool enough, spooned the vanilla frosting on top and decorated with hundreds and thousands(edible sprinkles). I probably should have added more coloring to the frosting because it came out a bit too pale, but no big deal. 

...to finish

Can't wait to hear what my tasters 
have to say!



  1. Hi there! I'm one of the tasters XD
    I really liked them! The mix of the frost and the cupcake was balanced. It wasn't too sweet and they looked as tasty as they were. And cute!

    Bake more please! We'll be waiting! :D

  2. awwww wanted to be the first post :( !!!!! any way look forward to today's bake :)

  3. MMM...YUMMY! Thank you for this sweet little treat;-*

  4. Hey i wish i could have tasted these. they look so good! im jealous! plus i love the ones that said xo at the end. Very creative! Big ups, keep going! :)

  5. YUMMY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  6. They were so good!! I am still waiting for my "complete" share!!

  7. These were good. I'm usually not a fan of frosting, but I think that you had just the right amount on there, so it worked out well. My only complaint was that I think i made a mess in the studio with all those sprinkles... but it was worth it!