mud crunch

mud crunch

Tuesday 23 October 2012 • No comments

Once again its the beginning of an academic year and I'm super busy so there have been fewer posts. After looking through this recipe and realizing how easy it i had to find time to make it. I've always been a bit unsure about using ready-to-eat products such as biscuits, chocolate bars etc as a baking ingredient. Is it really baking if you're using something someone else has already prepared? Like just adding milk to a pancake mix doesn't mean you know how to make pancakes. Digestive biscuits and Oreos have become very common ingredients in several recipes. I guess cookies & cream ice cream won't be the same without Oreos or cheesecake might not be right without the digestive biscuit base. I suppose somethings were made just right to play a role in a bigger picture.

43. chocolate fridge cake bars
The only cooking that happened was some melting over the stove. Butter, cocoa powder and golden syrup.

All i had to do with the digestive biscuits was break it up into small chunks. Lots of digestives and raisins with the chocolate mixture stirred in to bring it all together. I think the golden syrup was used instead of sugar not only to sweeten but to act like the glue and help keep the whole thing together. 

Mixed it up for a while to make sure it was evenly dispersed and then pressed it down into the prepared tray. It had to be compressed and packed tightly. This will be cut into bars after a night in the fridge. No baking required.

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