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sweet sweet monkey

Thursday 13 September 2012 • No comments

Dulce de leche (an ingredient i needed for this pie) is basically a milk caramel made by reducing sweetened milk. I had heard of it but i had no idea what it was made of and how simple it was to make. Instead of buying it i decided to try making it myself and it turned out good. I got a recipe online and i simply had to heat a can of condensed milk for hours. It was unevenly coloured when it was done, but once i mixed it up it looked just as it was meant to. It was amazing to see it go from condensed milk to dulce de leche right there in my kitchen. I would still like to taste the store bought dulce de leche so i know if there is actually a difference.

36. banana cream pie
This pie was made using so many different techniques. The pie crust was blind baked(fully baked) and was the only thing that was baked. There was a custard filling and this is the first time I've ever made custard from scratch using egg yolks, corn flour, milk and a few other ingredients. I cooked the custard in a saucepan until it was thick and then left to cool completely. The dulce de leche was then spread at the bottom of the pie crust and slices of banana were arranged over it. 

The custard was poured over the bananas and put in the fridge overnight. Although the custard was not thick enough and did not set in the fridge as it should have, it tasted good anyway. A slice of this pie had to be served in a bowl as it turned out to be pie crust and bananas in a pool of custard. I whipped some cream to serve. 

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