apple caramel

apple caramel

Tuesday 25 September 2012 • No comments

37. apple pie
The chopped apples cooked in butter, cinnamon and sugar probably weren't on as long as they were meant to be as there was still a syrup in the pot. I stopped cooking though, because i thought it was soft enough considering it was going to cook in the oven again. Instead of wasting all that lovely juice or pouring it into the pie and making it too watery, i decided to cook it further without the apples. The result was a delicious, gooey apple caramel which i drizzled over the apples before covering it up with another pie crust. I pressed down the edges to seal the pie and make slits on top to let out steam. 

It still came out with a bit more juice than it was meant to but was tasty all the same. I need some vanilla ice cream for my next slice though. 

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