Sunday 15 January 2012 • 4 comments

My course mate Brooke was having drinks last night for her birthday so i baked her this cake. When i was done baking and it was time to go, i had a bit of trouble thinking of how to transport it. I would usually make a box but i didn't have what i needed so i wrapped it in foil and put it in a paper bag. That's what i did with the carrot cake too. This is bad presentation and it needs to stop. '30 Rocks' was a nice night out after baking all day. It was also my brothers birthday yesterday so Happy birthday to the best brother in the world.

brooklyn blackout cake
Again i creamed butter and sugar. I need to understand the chemistry of cake-making. What determines quantities? What goes in first, with what and why? How do people create recipes? 

While the cakes baked, i made the chocolate custard i needed to top the cakes. Sugar(lots of it), golden syrup, cocoa powder and water in a sauce pan brought to a boil. I mixed two hundred grams of corn flour with water and it was thick as glue. It was really hard to mix this because i couldn't put too much water and corn flour can be very stiff. Once the cocoa mixture was boiling, i poured in the corn flour whisking constantly. I was scared it would form lumps was i poured all that corn flour in but it turned out okay. A few tiny lumps but over all it was ok. Next i stirred in butter and vanilla extract, turned it into a plastic bowl and put in the fridge to chill. It came out in one jelly-like mould of the pot.

When the cakes were ready, i had to cut a thin slice off one of them to make crumbs. When they were cool they all had a glossy, gooey texture on top and i wasn't sure they would make crumbs easily. i went ahead to cut off the top of all of them then brainstormed how to make the crumbs without a food processor. I decided to put it in the oven to dry out a bit then i passed it through a colander. It worked out okay even though it was crunchier(because i dried it out) than i think it was meant to be.

The layers didn't rise as high as i thought they should have and where thinner than i expected. Spreading the chocolate custard was easy.


  1. Sweetart this one is mine!

  2. I think the magic of cake making (like cooking) is in making it taste the way you like it best Once you understand the ingredients and how they work together then you can just bake by intuition and create your own recipes.....x

  3. why wasnt I around for this one?

  4. I can tell you this cake tastes as good as it looks, and I've now eaten the whole thing (without hardly giving any away at all!)
    The chocolate custard in this cake is delicious - and not too sweet, just right. It might in fact be my new favourite cake (and especially as it has my name in the title)
    Thanks Temi! xx