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Happy new year everyone!!! New year, new chapter. On the first day of 2012 I made the first cake in the book as planned. I got three 21cm round tins(was meant to get 20cm but 21cm was all I found, no big deal), baking paper and a cake board which I will reuse. I loved making the cupcakes but to be totally honest i was getting a bit bored with them and was happy to move on to the next chapter.

hummingbird cake
Instead of butter which i've used in every cake i've ever baked, i used sunflower oil. Sugar, eggs, sunflower oil, mashed bananas and cinnamon all in the bowl ready for mixing.

Then in went the flour and other dry ingredients. Chopped pineapples and pecan nuts were thrown in for extra crunch and flavour. Mixed by hand, into the three tins base-lined with baking paper and into the oven. 

While it was baking i went on to make the cream cheese frosting only to discover i didn't have enough icing sugar. I had to pause because i had to be somewhere so i wrapped up the cakes(when they were out and cool) in foil with a sheet in between each. 

While i was out i made sure i bought the icing sugar and once i got home i was right back on it. Topped with pecan nuts and a light sprinkling of cinnamon. 

 This recipe was a nice way to start the cakes. Its so good it was trusted with the name 'hummingbird cake', moist and rich with fruits, nuts and the best frosting ever. This is the kind of thing you keep in the fridge to eat everyday with tea till the last slice. Exactly what i'm doing. 

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  1. ok so i wanna try this recipe but don't know how to make the frosting.