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When to dinner with my mum and my siblings at my aunty Oyinda's house. She's a good old friend of my mums and it was really nice to see her after so long. Once i heard we were going i decided to make this cake for her. Coincidentally we snacked on carrot sticks before dinner. After a lovely homemade dinner we had the cake for dessert and they all liked it. Must say i did too. Was a great evening and i met the cutest little boy, Albi.

carrot cake

Three hundred grams of grated carrots is what the recipe said. Now the grater has four sides with different sizes. I wasn't sure which was the standard grating size. I started with the regular side that's used for cooking but i thought it was too big and would be too visible in the cake so i turned it to the other side for a finer texture, and i think it was just right.

Sunflower oil again and instead of caster sugar as usual, soft light brown sugar. When i added the dry ingredients it got really thick and i didn't feel very comfortable with it but that changed once i added the juicy grated carrots. Also added some walnuts to the batter with the carrots.

Finished it off with cream cheese frosting and topped with chopped walnuts. This frosting is so good the cake had fingers(Albi's and others) running all over it.

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