Thursday 24 January 2013 • No comments

Lately, i've been trying to eat healthier so last week, i stocked up on lots of fruits like grapes, oranges, apples and have been enjoying them very much. Its actually not hard for me to eat healthy because i love fruits and vegetables but i have to make a bit of an effort to do it right. After a lovely homemade dinner tonight, i didn't feel like eating an apple and i thought i deserved some dessert so i decided to make apple crumble like i've never made it before. I've made crumble so many times but i kept having flashbacks of the apple pie i made a while ago. The method of  cooking rather than baking the apples beneath the crumble gave them a texture which i like. I baked the crumble alone then poured it over the cooked apples. Finally topped it all with two scoops of green&black's vanilla icecream. Apples minus the dough and dairy for me tomorrow.

dinner: sweet'n'spicy roast ribs, potatoes and carrots

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