Thursday, 17 January 2013 • 2 comments

This is probably the most overlooked yet most important baked good known to man. Bread is made all over the world in slightly different ways but the ingredients are more or less the same and so basic. Its no wonder why it has for years, been a big part of our diet and still will be in years to come. Last year i watched a reality show called 'Chef Academy' hosted by an amazing chef, Jean Christophe Novelli. In one episode, he taught the contestants(and me) how to make basic bread. I recorded that episode and watched it over and over again not just because he was really funny and a great entertaining teacher but also to learn to make my own bread. I searched everywhere but unfortunately could not find a link to that episode which i would have loved to share with you. My first attempt was good but the second which i made today was better. The cool part of making bread is kneading the dough. The other cool part is leaving it to rise till double in size. Its so warm and soft at this stage. Once you have the basic bread dough ready, you can put whatever you want in it and thats another cool thing about making bread. I think its quite clear now that making bread is cool. I have dried thyme but today when i went grocery shopping i got living thyme. All the chefs on tv have fresh herbs in their kitchen and i wanted to know what the fuss was all about. I also got some cherry tomatoes as they were the perfect size i needed and so cute. So i folded in the fresh thyme, tomatoes and cheddar, put some thyme and cheese on top and baked. I also made a loaf for breakfast tomorrow.


  1. I love bread! Please share with me your recipe! Thanks

  2. Hey Tope! I love bread too, its so simple and fun to make. The recipe is actually very easy to find on a pack of dried active yeast or strong white bread flour. The only other ingredients are salt, water and a bit of sugar if you want. Good luck!


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