not breakfast

not breakfast

Saturday 16 March 2013 • 1 comment

I had the most inappropriate breakfast today.
Profiteroles are made from choux pastry, filled with whipped cream, topped with chocolate sauce or caramel and are traditionally arranged into a high pyramid for weddings in France. When it is arranged like this it's called Croquembouche. It's very fancy and is just as important as a wedding cake which i why its not exactly normal to have for breakfast but hey, i felt like making it so i did. Choux pastry is quite easy to make and it wasn't new to me as i use it for chocolate eclairs a couple of posts ago. It was more or less the same thing but in a different shape. I experimented a bit, and threw an orange in the mix. I was curious to find out what the craze was about the combination of chocolate and orange. I put some orange zest in the cream and orange juice in the chocolate sauce. I liked it. 

1 comment

  1. This looks delicious! :) x Laura